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Tantric Massage

"Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body."


Tantric massage is much more than sensual massage. It is a high form of ritual touch guided by the principles of traditional Tantra that connects us to the erotic. Erotic meaning our sense of vitality, desire and the inherent sensuality of our embodied experience. ​


In this practice you are honoured as a divine being, touched with deep respect, reverence and presence. This creates a space for you to unfold, to explore, to surrender, to release emotional blocks, and to open yourself to authentic connection and orgasmic pleasure.



In Tantra, our sexuality is seen as inseparable from our spirituality. They are one and the same. As such, an essential part of Tantra massage is an attempt to awaken and unlock kundalini (our ultimate life-force energy) from the base and invite it to rise up the spine, infusing the chakras with life and power. This can lead to deep physical and emotional release, creating space for your sense of vitality, creativity and sensuality to flow.  Felt as waves of intense pleasure pulsing through the body, when this energy becomes integrated, you may experience a renewed sense of creativity, clarity, desire, freedom and wholeness within yourself.

Who is it for?

It is for you.

Tantric massage sessions are designed to take you on a journey through the physical, emotional and subtle (energy) body in order to experience a sense of wholeness and deep presence with oneself. 

The practice can offer healing benefits and the possibility of expanded states of pleasure, but these do not form the central part or goal of the experience.

Your intention guides the practice and what you get out of it, remembering also that intentions are not goals, rather a direction for your journey.


Some common intentions include:


  • Develop more body awareness

  • Getting out of your head

  • Being more present

  • Learning to stay grounded

  • Emotional release and support


  • Connect more deeply with yourself

  • Connect more deeply with others

  • Reconnect to your sensuality and flow

Sexuality & Eroticism

  • Explore new depths of pleasure

  • Embody your sexual self

  • Learn to surrender

  • Release inhibitions

  • Become multi-orgasmic

  • Explore the intersection of sexuality and spirituality

"I had tingles in my head as though I could feel the stars of faintly perceived light behind my
eyelids. There was a sense of floating, like the boundary of my body had dissolved and I had
completely fallen into myself, although without any sense of falling or sunkenness. In this
state there was a real sense of depth, as though I was underwater. In that depth I felt in
presence with something, a fluid, fuzzy image of some kind of mythical feminine. I was
somewhere else in these moments, but also fully present. No thought, no sense of time. It
felt like a twilight zone between sleep and wake." - Andrew

Explore Tantric Massage

All people are welcome and respected for Tantric massage sessions.

My intention is to hold a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore your body, sensuality and authentic self through this beautiful practice.


Bath Ritual

Start your journey with an indulgent bath ritual.

Immerse your body in deliciously heated water infused with essential oils, minerals and herbs that will soothe the nervous system, soften tension in the body and restore a feeling of calm and balance across mind, body and soul.

Your skin will be gently exfoliated and cleansed preparing it for ritual touch.

At the end you will feel pampered, nurtured and ready to journey deeper into your body through touch.

Tantric massage is guided by the principles of traditional Tantra, including the concept of Shiva-Shaki and non-duality. 

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Meaning of Tantra

The word Tantra first appeared in the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism originating in ancient India. There are various contextual definitions and meanings of the word Tantra, but it is most commonly understood to mean to weave, to expand or to liberate and is used as a metaphor to describe the weaving together of rituals and practices that make up the Tantras (sacred instructional texts outlining ritual practices for attaining enlightenment).

Shiva & Shakti: Unity-in-duality


The Tantras are often written as a dialogue between a god and goddess. Shiva (god) the divine masculine principle is an embodiment of form, structure and rationality, whereas Shaki (goddess) the divine feminine principle is an expression of the free-flowing, creative and at times destructive nature of existence. Together they represent the polarities of life - the light and the dark, the form and the formless, the rational and the intuitive, the giver and the receiver. Tantric images often depict these deities entwined in yab-yum, representing the primordial union of wisdom (goddess) and compassion (god), and hints at the unity-in-duality. Tantra recognises Shiva and Shaki within each person and part of the practice is cultivating these characteristics within ourselves in order to arrive at a place of inner peace, balance and ultimately, unity.


There are many branches of Tantra including Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, each with their own set of rituals, practices and sacred texts. Underlying the many Tantric traditions is the concept of non-duality or nondualism; the idea that beyond the independence of one from another, or the opposites of the masculine and feminine principles, there is an underlying unity that connects all things. Non-duality sees the divine not as a separate entity, but a unifying force within all things. 


Book a session below or  I welcome you to get in touch through a connection call or online enquiry to discuss any questions you may have about Tantric massage.

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