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"The time with Ania was both profound and sublime, and there's a few things that combine to bring about this - firstly is Ania's unwavering professionalism. The whole experience from booking to arrival to explanation to wrap up is of the highest standards, and Ania's studio does indeed present as a beautiful sanctuary. Secondly, Ania has a remarkable blend of warmth and reassurance coupled with a light-handed expert's focus. Finally, Ania's actual work is ... hard to describe, but like a warm, sensory blanket. Ania also seems to have a highly intuitive 'read' on the moment, and is able to sense the experience her client is having and adapt accordingly. Combine these things - as Ania does - and it becomes a profoundly unique experience. I have already booked my next appointment."

Tim, Samaya Tantra Massage 

"Now I’m 10 days post out session I thought I’d drop you a message.
That was one of the most kind opening and mind blowing experiences I’ve ever had. 
To start with the bath ritual made me feel completely relaxed and I felt like the centre of the universe. 
The tantric massage was next level amazing. The power of the breathwork is something I’ve never experienced before. I think I’m a complete convert hey. 
The self control needed to surrender and not want to hold and touch you also was hard to start with but as it went on I felt honoured to be touched by you.
I’ll most certainly be back"

NM, Spanda Tantra Massage with Bath Ritual

"Ania is skillful and friendly tantric practitioner. It was an excellent and mind blowing experience. I am writing this 1 week after our session and I'm still able to feel the positive energy.

MP, Spanda Tantra Massage

"Attending the tantric yoni workshop run by Ania and Alice was a remarkable experience. The way the anatomy of the vulva was explained, with an emphasis on pleasure, was detailed and insightful, going much beyond what any textbook of anatomy I've encountered offers. As someone usually in the receiver's role during tantric practices, observing Alice in the role of a receiver added another layer of understanding to my own tantric journey, and it was particularly enlightening to learn the techniques and adopt the mindset of a giver. The atmosphere in Ania's studio was intimate and comfortable, which greatly enhanced the experience. Overall, it's a highly recommended workshop for anyone exploring tantra or interested in giving."

Tantric Intimacy Workshop - How to Give a Sacred Yoni Massage

"A heavenly experience. The two hours just flew by. Can't wait to return."

BT, Spanda Tantric Massage

"I left the tantric massage workshop feeling enlightened, invigorated and excited about applying what I had just learned. Perfect blend of education, comfort and practice. I genuinely felt welcomed, warmth and relaxed. 
The event was not just about learning a skill, but a ritual, and embracing a new perspective on human connection and intimacy.
In a world where human connection can sometimes feel elusive, the workshop was a refreshing reminder of the power of touch and generally slowing the pace to embrace a greater experience.
Ania is a true professional and I feel confident everyone has left the workshop feeling the same as myself."

LB, Tantric Intimacy Workshops

"Ania is an amazing therapist and tantric masseuse. She has a huge heart and really takes the time to listen and understand you in all levels. The somatic body work I did with her was extremely eye opening for me, where she guided me with a lot of compassion towards my traumas and how to accept and heal from it. I am so grateful for my work with her and would recommend her to anyone who wants to go on an integral therapeutic journey. She really creates a safe and comforting space to be vulnerable. Moreover, the space where we work is so beautiful and relaxing."

Laurene – Somatic Sexology sessions & Tantric Massage

“Ania & Alice,

I would like to thank you both for such a wonderful evening. Not knowing what to expect and also being nervous stepping out of my comfort zone, you both created a relaxing and calming space of learning. It’s incredible how much I have taken away from the experience. The breath work has been a constant practice that seems to open up so many feelings, energies and connections with the mind, body and soul. Thank you both for setting me on an exciting new path of discovery. You both worked so well together with great knowledge and insights that made it very clear to understand so thank you both so so much for your time and honesty.”

Tom, Tantric Intimacy Workshop – How to Give a Sacred Yoni Massage

"Working with Ania was so comfortable, enjoyable, and beneficial that I always looked forward to our sessions even though sometimes I came with insecurities and anxiety. I first came to Ania with questions about sexuality and a desire to explore it, and she pinpointed my issues and offered a variety of helpful practices to address them from different aspects. She is always so supportive and step by step has helped me build up a more positive body image to overcome my body shaming. She has been an incredible mentor throughout this journey as well, including integrating multiple aspects of issues I have encountered, helping me to see their connections, and making a profoundly positive impact on almost every aspect of my life."

Somatic Sexology Sessions

"I had an incredible massage experience with Ania. She has a unique blend of classical massage, acupressure, Lomi Lomi, Tao and Ayurveda techniques and she was very intuitive, knowing exactly what my body needed. Thank you Ania 🙏"

NS, Tantric Bodywork

"My first Tantra massage ever, it was a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and sensual energies. The place was so peaceful and relaxing, everything is different, the candles, the smell, the music, the touches and the whole setup. Everything was on point."

Chris, Spanda Tantric Massage

"My yoni massage with Ania was transformational! It was not only incredibly blissful and pleasurable but it also taught me so much about how I like to receive pleasure, learn how to surrender and ask for what I want. Would 100% recommend to anyone!"

Alice, Spanda Tantric Massage

"Ania is so talented, smooth, gentle and understanding, she knows what she is doing.
Thank you Ania, looking forward to the next session."

Nick, Samaya Tantric Massage

"Ania was incredible, made me feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace. The experience of going internal was exhilarating and emotional. Her guidance was so helpful through the entire time, I recommend Ania. Thank see you again."

Carlos, Spanda Tantric Massage

"My first bodywork session with Ania was beyond amazing . Looking forward to learning more about myself with her intuitive and sensitive guidance."

PN, Tantric Bodywork

"Ania was brilliant, it was the most intense tantric experience I have ever had. I can't wait to get back to Sydney and book in with Ania again. I cannot thank Ania enough :)"

AM, Spanda Tantric Massage

"Ania is a warm, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable practitioner. She holds space with such grace and calm, and really knows her stuff when it comes to sexuality and pleasure. I’ve worked with her a number of times and I always learn something new about my body."

Somatic Sexology Sessions

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