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Kamala Tantra Massage

A 3 hour sensual Tantric massage experience

  • 3 hr
  • 1,120 Australian dollars


Kamala is the Sanskrit word for 'Lotus' which is an important Tantric symbol used to represent the chakras. When the lotus of the heart blooms, one attains enlightenment. If you want to deepen into your Tantric journey, the Kamala Tantra massage is for you. 3 hours affords you the time to drop into your body and slowly awaken Kundalini. In this session you have the time and space to practice with breath and awareness and experience new depths of sensation, connection and bliss. The Kamala Tantric massage includes a sacred Lingam or Yoni massage with optional prostate (Lingam) or g-spot (Yoni) massage. You will experience a delicious blend of massage styles, sensations, fabrics, feathers, scents and sounds that evoke a deep sense of pleasure, relaxation and peace within mind, body and soul. No part of the body is left untouched. You will be touched with great presence, care, respect and devotion. The massage is performed on a futon with the practitioner in comfortable undergarments. Each session also includes: • A short consultation to discuss your intentions • A guided meditation and Tantric breath practice • Integration and reflection at the end of the practice You may choose to arrive showered or make use of the facilities at the studio.

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