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Samaya with 2 practitioners

For 4-hands or couples Tantric massage

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 1,000 Australian dollars


FOUR HANDS A highly recommended experience for anyone wanting to deepen their practice and explore higher realms of pleasure and sensation. This practice has the power to transport you into a trance like state as the hands of 2 skilful Tantric practitioners dance across your entire body, allowing attachments of the mind to dissolve and awaken the blissful flow of your erotic life-force energy. COUPLES A beautiful shared experience that will deepen connection and spark burning desire in your relationship. We will hold an intimate and safe space for you both to surrender and experience your own sensual Tantric massage in the presence of each other. The energetic exchange that occurs between you as you each receive intensifies the experience, further awakening the erotic spark within and between you. Email to book. ----- The Samaya Tantra Massage is a sensual full-body massage including a sacred Lingam or Yoni massage. Each session is unique and guided by your intentions. It is a creative and intuitive process bringing together a variety of massage styles designed to expand your sensuality, move trapped energy and emotional residue, so that you may return to a state of flow. You will experience a variety of massage styles, sensations, fabrics, feathers, scents and sounds to evoke a deep state of pleasure, relaxation and peace within mind, body and soul. You will be touched with great presence, care, respect and devotion. The massage is performed on a futon with the practitioners in comfortable undergarments. Each session also includes: • A short consultation to discuss your intentions • A guided meditation and Tantric breath practice • Integration and reflection at the end of the practice

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