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What is Tantric Massage?

Tantra massage is so much more than a sensual massage. It’s a high form of ritual touch which is guided by the principles of traditional Tantra including the notion of Shiva-Shakti (also known as yin-yang in other traditions) and non-duality (recognition of the divine not as a separate entity, but a unifying force within all things).

During a Tantra massage, the receiver is honoured and touched as a divine being. This creates a space to connect deeply with the physical, emotional, sensual and spiritual body in order to consciously feel and accept oneself as you are.

In Tantra, our sexuality is seen as inseparable from our spirituality. They are one and the same. As such, an essential part of Tantra massage is an attempt to awaken and unlock one’s sexual energy (Kundalini, Qi, lifeforce energy or eros) from the base, and allow it to travel up the spine reaching every part of the body. It is believed that this energy is capable of dissolving duality and when it becomes integrated into the whole body, one may experience ultimate consciousness. This can be felt as waves of intense pleasure pulsing through the body, some relating this feeling to a full-body orgasm or heart orgasm (heartgasm). In this state, the ego or ‘self’ dissolves and one can feel boundless, as if in another realm while completely grounded in present reality.

The effects of Tantra massage depend greatly on the level of consciousness brought to the experience from both the giver and receiver. For the giver, this means being aware of their own embodiment while attuning to the receiver’s state of being and adjusting the massage accordingly. Technique only equates to a small part of the process. The majority comes from feeling and intuition. For the receiver it means being fully awake and present with their own experience and intention.

If ultimate consciousness is to be felt, it all starts with awareness of the breath. Not in an attempt to control the breath in any way, but simply to observe the breath as it flows in and out of the body. Conscious breathing is a fundamental Tantric practice and the basis for feeling one’s body and experiencing totality.

It is important to approach Tantra massage with a sense of openness, curiosity and without attachment to a specific goal. While the massage can offer healing benefits and the possibility of orgasm, these do not form the central part or goal of the experience.

Every Tantra massage is different. It is a creative and intuitive process combining a variety of massage styles, sensations, fabrics, feathers and sounds in order to awaken the body and evoke a deep sense of relaxation and peace within mind, body and soul.


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