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How to give a Tantric Yoni Massage

yoni massage

Yoni is the Sanskrit term for vulva, and has also been interpreted to mean “source”, “origin” or “womb”. In Tantra, the Yoni is an abstract representation of the divine goddess Shakti who is a manifestation of the creative force that permeates all life. As such, a Tantric yoni massage is a ritualistic form of touch where the yoni is honoured as a sacred centre of life and touched with deep reverence.

For many of us, genital touch can become very habitual and goal driven toward orgasm.

While there is nothing wrong with this, sometimes the fixation on reaching orgasm can become a block and limit our experience of pleasure. This is why yoni massage can be such a powerful and liberating experience because it is a slow, sensual and intimate practice that removes goals and allows the receiver to fully surrender to exploring and experiencing the fullness of pleasure in their yoni and body.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

  • Increases sexual awareness and expands your experience of orgasmic pleasure

  • Can provide emotional release

  • Improves the relationship with your yoni and your whole body

  • A way to explore becoming multi-orgasmic

  • Increases feelings of intimacy with yourself and partner

  • Can release pelvic tension and discomfort that may be causing painful intercourse

  • Contributes to a general sense of wellbeing

My Top Tips for Giving a Yoni Massage

Set the Scene

Creating a space that feels calm and safe is an important first step in any Tantric ritual practice. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but things like soft lighting, the temperature of the room and a comfortable surface to lie on can go a long way. You may also like to burn some incense or scented candles and play some moody music for a more sensual experience.

Connect with Breath

Before jumping into techniques and stimulation, spend some time connecting with breath.

Conscious breathing is a fundamental Tantric practice and an important aspect of the Yoni massage for both the giver and receiver. The breath guides the rhythm of the massage and allows energy to circulate between you and your lover offering not only a deep level of connection but an exchange of orgasmic energy making it a pleasurable experience for you both. Come into a warm embrace, feel each other breathing and allow your bodies to synchronise through breath.

Find a comfortable position

Generally, in a traditional Tantric Yoni massage the giver is sitting between the legs of the receiver as they lie down. The receiver may like to rest their legs over the givers, bringing more intimacy to the position.

Go Slow

Using warm coconut oil (or your preferred natural, unscented massage oil) spend some time warming up the body by massaging the area around the Yoni including the belly, upper thighs, groin and also the breasts and heart space. This builds anticipation, allows arousal to build and invites orgasmic energy to move around the body.

4 Yoni Massage Techniques to Try

Remember that giving an ecstatic yoni massage is less about techniques and more about the curiosity, love and presence you bring to the experience. Keep the massage dynamic by alternating between strokes, rhythm, pressure and massage the whole yoni, not just the clitoris.

Waking Up

Rub your hands together vigorously until you feel heat between your hands. Cup the yoni with one hand and place the other on the lower belly over the womb space / ovaries.

Hold here for a few moments and let warmth spread. Gently vibrating or circling the hand that's cupping the yoni can also feel amazing.

Yoni Petting

Using fingertips with the softest touch possible, gently stroke the outer lips, inner lips, groin, down the inner thighs then back up again. You can stroke up and down as well as making little circles with your fingers all around the yoni.

The Tease

Ensuring the yoni is well anointed with oil, begin to gently tease at the opening on the yoni with your index finger. Go slow (very slow) and alternate between moving your finger in a circular motion around the opening, and also in an up and down motion.


Place your middle finger at the opening of the Yoni, palm facing up. Slowly allow your finger to be fully absorbed into the yoni. Your index and ring finger rest on the outside of the yoni between the inner and outer lips. Slide in and out, using your middle finger to stroke the G-spot while your index and ring finger stroke the outside of the Yoni. Softly massage the clitoris with your other hand, finding a rhythm between both hands.

Always finish the yoni massage with a period of stillness. It’s a beautiful time to embrace each other and allow your bodies, hearts and souls to connect.

Curious to learn more? Join my upcoming workshop on The Art of Tantric Yoni Massage or book in for a private couples workshop.


Hi, I'm Ania White.

I'm a Tantric Bodywork practitioner and Somatic Sexologist passionate about supporting people to reconnect to eros – one's source of vitality, curiosity, creativity and pleasure.

I am based in Sydney, Australia.


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